JJ CARE Uncoupling Membrane, ⅛” Thick, 3.3 ft x 98.5 ft / 323 Square Feet, Anti-Fracture and Crack Isolation Waterproofing Membrane, Uncoupling Membrane for Under Tile, Tile Underlayment Mat


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jj care uncoupling membrane for tile installation and underlaymentjj care uncoupling membrane for tile installation and underlayment

We take pride in our dedication to providing you protection and convenience with the products that we offer. We spent months studying and researching about the best uncoupling membrane that you can use to help protect your tile installation. We made sure to only utilize the highest-quality materials and each merchandise was carefully inspected and quality-controlled before they are sent out. With this diligent process that took months of hard work, we are certain that you’re only receiving outstanding products every single time!

tile underlayment uncoupling membranetile underlayment uncoupling membrane


Wear and tear can’t be avoided when it comes to structures. But there’s good news – these nuisances can be kept to a minimum. Tiled floors, walls and other surfaces can last for long with the addition of underlayment membranes that prevent cracks and fractures from breaking through. Protect your precious home investment with high quality Uncoupling Membranes.

uncoupling membrane tile underlayment schluter ditra heatuncoupling membrane tile underlayment schluter ditra heat


Each layer of the thin-set Uncoupling Membrane is 1/8 inches thick. The crack isolation mat is a water-stable base suitable for thin-set mortar beds. The protective layer provides floor and wall rigidity as well as better tile adhesion. Five different roll sizes are also available, depending on your tile underlayment needs:

3.3 feet x 16.5 feet (54 Sq Ft)3.3 feet x 32.8 feet (108 Sq Ft)3.3 feet x 45.9 feet (150 Sq Ft)3.3 feet x 53.5 feet (175 Sq Ft)3.3 feet x 98.5 feet (323 Sq Ft)


underlayment membrane tile installationunderlayment membrane tile installation

uncoupling membraneuncoupling membrane

uncoupling membrane tile underlaymentuncoupling membrane tile underlayment


Uncoupling membranes provide an added layer of protection and security between the substrate and the tile flooring. These mats prevent movement from the substrate level from reaching and damaging the tiles. Adding uncoupling layers during ceramic or stone tile installation is a must!


Underlayment membranes are perfect for bathroom, shower, sauna and steam room tiling thanks to superb waterproofing qualities. Substrates that don’t do well when wet, such as wood, metal or asphalt, can greatly benefit from the addition of an uncoupling layer.


The uncoupling membranes come in lightweight rolls when purchased. Installation is easy-peasy: just lay the membrane over a thin-set mortar bed modified according to requirements. Let the layers bond and then install the tiles without having to wait for the mortar base to cure. Works well with standard tools!

54 Square Feet 108 Square Feet 150 Square Feet 175 Square Feet 323 Square Feet

uncoupling membrane ditra mat tile waterproofinguncoupling membrane ditra mat tile waterproofing


We are a dedicated team of individuals who aim to provide the best products at competitive prices. We put hours of research and utmost attention to ensure that our products not only meet but also exceed our customers expectations in terms of quality and durability! When you buy from JJCARE, you can rest assured that what you purchased is top quality and will surely be coupled with great post purchase support.

✅ A TILE INSTALLATION MUST-HAVE – The uncoupling membrane is essential to the process of ceramic or stone tile installation as it keeps the tiles from cracks and fractures. As the name suggests, this is used to uncouple the tiles from the substrate and keep the stress or movement from reaching the tiles and is also a great barrier that keeps water and moisture from seeping through the substrates.
✅ PREVENT FRACTURES AND CRACKS – Some substrates like plaster or plasterboard lose their cohesive strength when they get wet while wood substrates expand. These result in cracked tiles and grout which no one wants to happen. This uncoupling membrane for tile was invented to absorb the movement of the substrates, stop the transfer of stress, pressure and movement to your tiles, thereby preventing fractures and cracks.
✅ EXCELLENT WATERPROOFING LAYER – Aside from uncoupling the tile from the substrate, these membranes also act as a great waterproofing layer that protects moisture-sensitive substrates like wood, metal or asphalt. This is also ideal for bathroom and shower floors, even for your sauna or steam rooms!
✅ QUICK AND EASY TO USE – These uncoupling membrane rolls are lightweight and easy to carry, making them extremely easy to install using your standard tools. Its grid structure and anchoring fleece laminated on the underside bonds well to a modified thin-set mortar and tiles can be immediately installed over the uncoupling membrane. No need to wait for the mortar to cure. Fast, simple and hassle-free!
✅ PROTECT YOUR HOME INVESTMENT – Nobody wants to install tiles over cracked floors but what guarantee do we have that your newly-built concrete floors won’t have cracks or fractures years after? So to better protect your home, it’s best that you take precautionary measures and use these uncoupling membranes for your lovely abode.

JJ CARE Uncoupling Membrane, ⅛” Thick, 3.3 ft x 98.5 ft / 323 Square Feet, Anti-Fracture and Crack Isolation Waterproofing Membrane, Uncoupling Membrane for Under Tile, Tile Underlayment Mat
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